WYN2K January 2023

Oh boy! was it a big month in “do-cember”! Congratulations to all of us for achieving a 33% increase over Quarter 2 last year! The Company has got ALOT for us in this next six months and leading up to our 60th anniversary! Ive got the scoop on the contests, strategy on how to put them into place and where to start first! Your Challenge for this week is to move into action on an activity based goal Commit to completing the activity and track the results Use the “Sell to Play” Mary Kay App Challenge to create immediate momentum for your business Earn Free Product from the Spring Line when you Sell and order $400 wholesale, $600 wholesale or $1000 wholesale in cumulative orders Earn Prizes and a FREE starter kit ( or $100 wholesale in product) when you complete 3, 5, or 10 Career Focus Group appointments in January.