Booking Strategies that will blow your mind!

How to Host a GREAT Mary Kay Party in 2023

Party with a Purpose

A fresh hostess program that can be a business builder AND a fundraiser for your favorite cause!

Hybrid Skin Care Class Hostess Program “Younger Me in 2023”

Party idea using the skin analyzer app

How to Generate Leads

How to generate leads for your business

Virtual Booking Party: Using a weekly Plan sheet to “Find time”

Many Consultants tell me that they “don’t have time” to book, and hold appointments. I’m going to show you the ...

Virtual Appointment “How To” with Erica & Sabrina

Virtual Appointments are the rage, whether it’s a lack of time, distance, schedule conflicts or introversion, becoming comfortable with this ...

Using Samples to Create Successful Sales

Samples may feel like a waste until you learn how to 1) confidently select them and 2) how to follow ...

Simple Leads Generation & Scripts with Kerri

Myrra and Kerri discuss and role play through the “Wooden Rose” approach to generating leads, turning them into bookings and ...