Hi, I am Myrra and help busy beauty lovers curate their every day routine effortlessly. Ive been working as a contractor for a Top Five Beauty Brand for 20 years, my role as a sales professional is to problem solve, be a master listener and concierge for personal care products. I help beauty lovers feel confident with their image and comfortable in their own skin.

You imagine an image in your mind of how you want to present yourself to the world. I help make that a reality, through recommendations I provide based on biometric data and the latest trends and scientific advances. I employ a 3 prong approach in curating your specific collection, how it looks, how it feels and how you feel about it. I’ve built a community of like-minded clients and friends to support an inclusive world of beauty.

The tools you will be getting from me will streamline your routine and make getting ready as simple as brushing your teeth. You will learn to confidently identify gaps in your current routine, select products and trends that will fit and follow through with the routines we create together.

Products are only part of the equation: without the knowledge and confidence to use them in the right order and  choose your look for occasion; you are still lost. It’s like going on a trip with no address to put in your GPS. You can still get there; but the time and effort may be overwhelming.

I look forward to watching your image go from concept, to creation! 

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Mary Kay® Skin Analyzer App

Want a deeper insight into your skin? I have an app for that! Download the free Mary Kay® Skin Analyzer App, scan your face, and send the results to me to guide you through your product recommendations for a customized skin care routine. 

Key Features:

  • Uses facial skin recommendation technology to evaluate your skin and provide personalized Mary Kay product recommendations.
  • Evaluates these skin characteristics:
    Skin Type
    Skin Texture
    Skin Tone
    Undereye Appearance
  • Text or email the results to your Independent Beauty Consultant to create your customized skin care routine.

Mary Kay is the #1 Direct Selling Brand of Skin Care and Color Cosmetics in the world!