Basic Make Up Application Spring 2024

Do you have makeup brushes that you aren’t sure how to use? Feel like you forgot how to use your makeup during the pandemic? Work from home and just need to know how to achieve a signature look for “sometimes”? With a million different makeup trends, it’s hard to know where to start. Follow along with me as I execute a Basic Eye look and add some trends from The Pantone Color of the year “Peach Fuzz”. Whether you are a beginner, or need inspiration for an updated look, I can help develop confidence in your abilities and give you solid tools and techniques to take into the future. Grab your brushes and makeup and follow along live or later! Comment with your questions! Try the colors on virtually using the Mirror Me App on my shopping website, or in your App/Play Store! If you attending the “Love is Kind” event, make sure to connect with me using this link to get your exclusive event free gift! Access my entire library of beauty tutorials on my website.

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